About us


Encyclopaedia mundi is a project that was born with the objective of facsimile reproduction of the most important documents that trace the historical uniqueness of Armenia as well as specific works kept in the Yerevan Matenadaran or other archives.

These capital documents from medieval times are crucial to understanding the historical uniqueness of Armenia and trace the political and social profile that has led us to the present day. They guarantee the permanence and transmission of the historical and cultural heritage of Armenia, governments and institutions, as well as other actors of the past and present history of our environment. The original documents are retrieved from several different archives and reproduced using innovative technologies in conjunction with artisanal processes dating back to the Middle Ages, thus generating a precision of output virtually indistinguishable from the original documents. Each facsimile edition is accompanied by a study book in which all the documents are explained one by one and a historical account is made based on these fundamental documents.

Encyclopaedia Mundi is an initiative promoted by Alex Nahabetian and Miquel Huguet.


Alex Nahabetian, businessman, was born and raised in the Argentine Republic. He has lived since 2005 in the State of Florida, United States. He grew up in a traditional family of the Armenian community of Buenos Aires, the son of Susana Dergarabetian and Sergio Nahabetian. His 4 grandparents, whom he met and enjoyed, came from refugee families in Argentina. He was formed in an environment of close proximity to the Armenian Apostolic Church, culture and community life in which volunteer work, a vocation for service, help for the growth and maintenance of the institutions of the diaspora were the parameters to follow. . He attended Armenian school and traveled there for the first time on his study trip at the age of 18.


Miguel Huguet, economist and businessman. Professor at the Autonomous University of Barcelona. Author of the Fundraising Book. It comes from the biotechnology sector. Huguet is a passionate bibliophile, he has promoted publishing projects for the reproduction of documents and manuscripts, such as Andorra Aeterna or Cathalonia Aeterna. He has made his bibliophile his passion, abandoning his professional activity in the field of “molecules” (for 25 years he developed his career in companies in the biotechnology industry) to dedicate himself to the facsimile reproduction of illuminated manuscripts, and documents prior to Gutenberg (1,454). Over the years, he has acquired a large and exclusive collection of illuminated manuscripts as a result of his tireless search throughout collections and libraries around the world.