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Encyclopaedia Mundi - Facsimil


Encyclopaedia Mundi is a project whose goal is the facsimile reproduction of the most important documents and manuscripts that trace the historical singularity of Armenia, in addition to concrete works guarded in the Matenadaran of Yerevan or other archives.

These capital documents of the medieval epoch are crucial for understanding the historical singularity of the Armenia and trace the political and social profile. This guarantees the permanence and transmission of the historical and cultural heritage of Armenia, governments and institutions, as well as other actors of the past and present history of our environment. The original documents and manuscripts are recovered in various different archives and reproduced with innovative technologies that generate a precision of result that is virtually indistinguishable from the original. A study book accompanies each facsimile edition explaining one by one all the documents and with a historical narrative based on these fundamental documents.

Encyclopaedia Mundi is an initiative of Alex Nahabetian and Miguel Huguet.


Encyclopaedia Mundi - Alex Nahabetian


Alex Nahabetian, entrepreneur. Born and raised in Argentina, he lives in Florida, USA since 2005. He was raised in a traditional family of the Buenos Aires Armenian community, son of Susana Dergarabetian and Sergio Nahabetian. His four grandparents, who we met and spent quality time with, are refugees in Argentina from the Armenian diaspora. He grew up in a very close environment to the Armenian Apostolic Church, to the community culture and life of such, where volunteer work, vocation of service and support to the growth and maintenance of the diaspora institutions were very important pillars. He studied at an Armenian school and traveled to his country for the first time when he was 18 years old on a school trip.
Encyclopaedia Mundi - Miquel Huguet


Miguel Huguet, economist and entrepreneur. Professor at Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona. Author of “Fundraising. How to fund your Project with Venture Capital and Business Angels”. He has a biotechnology professional background. Huguet is a passionate bibliophile, he has promoted editorial projects for the reproduction of ancient documents and manuscripts, such as “Andorra Aeterna” or “Cathalonia Aetherna”. He has made of ancient books and documents his passion, abandoning his professional career in the study of research of molecules (during 25 years he developed his career in bio-technology companies) to devote himself to the facsimile reproduction of illuminated manuscripts and documents prior to the Gutenberg era (1,454). Over the years, he has acquired a vast and exclusive collection of illuminated manuscripts by thoroughly researching throughout different libraries and collections around the globe.